Pizza and Panigacci

And just like that my last weekend in Ameglia is over. I still have until Friday before I actually leave, so it hasn’t quite hit me yet. I stayed with the family both Friday and Saturday, which was full of lovely memories, laughs, and of course, food.

On Friday evening we headed to the beach. Now, I’m a huge fan of the sea around Italy and Spain. Not only is it beautiful, but no crazy sharks to think about like when I’m splashing around in Florida. We paddled around for an hour and played volleyball in the water. The sun started to set, and the girls wanted a cool shot with it behind them in a handstand.


For dinner, we went to a nice outdoor pizza place. I’m not a huge fan of tomato sauce on my pizza (I know it’s strange), so I ordered a four cheese white sauce with onions, mushrooms, asparagus, and speck (this delicious Italian ham). It was a bit tricky ordering something not on the menu, but thankfully Claudia took over for me.


They also forgot my order and didn’t realize it until everyone else had their food, haha. I was too absorbed with the IAAF World Championships in London on the TV screen to notice. The pizza, no heavenly creation, came out smelling like a dream. They also talked about possibly putting it on the menu as ‘The Kayla,’ you know after the Franco, Mario, other super Italian names.

Of course, no night would be complete without a trip to Rosselini’s for gelato. I stuck with a creamy tiramisu (see: Macklemore’s ‘Downtown’) and thought about how I’d cut myself out of my clothes later for bed. I was stuffed.

Saturday was a bit lazy. There was some Sons of Anarchy/work, some pool time, and some reading was done. Claudia and Ricardo also made MORE homemade tomato sauce. You know, the delicious sauce that I get to enjoy on my pasta for lunch every day? Yes, that precious paste.


But let me tell you about dinner. The family brought me to this lovely restaurant in the mountains that specializes in making panigacci. What is panigacci you may ask? Well, it’s a delicious piece of round bread cooked in a clay dish. I tried it with tomato and mushroom sauce, cheese and oil, more cheese, pesto, and an array of meats. Between courses, we crooned over the sweetest little puppy sleeping under a nearby table. For dessert, Nutella tiramisu. YUM!!!!


After dinner was over, Claudia took me to the kitchen to see first hand how panigacci is made. Those clay dishes above are fired in the over, then tested to see if they’re hot enough. After, the man above pours a mixture of flour, water, and salt into the dishes and stacks them on top of one another. The heat from the dishes cooks the mixture without needed to stick it back in the oven. The clay dishes are also made from materials local to the nearby river.

Sunday was a food day in itself that I’ll write more about tomorrow.


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